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    Hey Guys Admin "StoryKira" here


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    Hey Guys Admin "StoryKira" here

    Post  StoryKira on Tue Feb 19, 2013 1:33 pm

    Hey Guys Im Richard in 11GNS Shocked
    And the Admin of this Site so if you have any problems tell me or any of the Moderators
    In SMC I partcipate in Concert Band, Orchestra, BasketBall, Peer Support
    My Favorite Animes and Mangas are definitely Bleach and FairyTail and a lot of others
    Im Kiwi- nese and I can speak Chinese, English and A little Japanese

    Im still only 14 so Im not that intimidating
    If any one of you have any probelms or concerns. Hit me Up and i will help you to my capabilities

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